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With a unique design, this 6-story modular bookcase easily adapts to various styles of the surrounding environment, modern that integrates art and practicality. The shelves provide ample space to store the items you love. Give a touch of modernity to your space with this designer bookcase. Each single cube-shelf can be mounted with the opening on one side or on the opposite side, so as to be able to adapt the piece of furniture for use on the wall or as a room divider.

Structure color: Beton
Front color: Beton

Craftsmanship quality

From the meeting between tradition and love for things done well, every day we develop practical and functional solutions created to last a long time. Shoe racks, bookcases, wardrobes, containers, wall units and much more to be used individually or arranged creatively to furnish the spaces of your home with freedom and imagination.

Design made in Italy